We hope that y'all are having a good end of the summer.
3 items quickly...

_1. Don't forgot that tonight the city Planning Commission is having a
    public hearing on changing the 2nd kitchen zoning rules.
    The meeting starts at 6pm in the city council chambers BUT since
    it's item 7 on the agenda then my guess is that they won't get to it
    till 7:00pm or so.  Here's the agenda entries:

ITEM 7* City-initiated ordinance text amendment to Title 14 Zoning, Chapter 14.06 Interpretation and Definitions, to repeal or amend terms related to kitchens, wet bars and/or snack bars.
City-wide Impact 04-0005OA

ITEM 8* Ordinance text amendment to Title 14 Zoning, Section 14.34.440 Second Kitchens in Single
Family Dwellings, regarding location and number of kitchens permitted in One-Family
homes and accessory buildings. City-wide Impact 04-0010OA

You can find the full agenda off the link at the top of our homepage - http://provocitizens.net/

Here's a recent news article about it:
Provo Daily Herald- Aug 25, 2004
... Joyce Bunderson live in a single-family zone in northeast Provo, and they ... ..., but under the current zoning rules, you ...

Please attend and speak during the public hearing!

_2. If you haven't heard about it, here's the latest example of zoning laws being out of touch:
Provo Daily Herald - Aug. 10, 2004
... But Provo city is asking her to either move the animals or stop her rehabilitating service because her residential home is only zoned to keep two pets. ... "...What is next? Pretty soon everyone has a farm in their back yard."

Please take a moment to call the city council members to voice your opinion about this:

_3. Our good friend Theron Harmon is moving out of state this week. We'ld like to thank him for all the help he's given. He was one of the founders of ProvoCitizens.net two years ago and has been actively involved since that time. Personally, I think he's one of the best examples in the city of what it means to be a concerned citizen that cares. Give him a call at 830-0368 to wish him well. We'll miss him.
Thank you Theron!!!

Best Regards,

Roger Brown
Chairman, http://www.ProvoCitizens.net

P.S. Please take a second to forward this newsletter to at least 1 friend in Provo. Fight apathy!
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