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> Hi Leandro Regueiro,
> I saw you involved in Galician translations for Ubuntu Documentation at 
> Launchpad so I would like to ask if you could help me out in translating 
> Vector.us.
> Vector.us is a search engine for free vector graphics with probably the most 
> extensive database of free vector arts. I created a simple web-based 
> translation system similar to Launchpad's at http://vector.us/translate. 
> Currently around 160 translators are already on board.
> If you would like to contribute, please reply to this message and I will 
> create a translator account for you. Or just ignore it and you wont receive 
> any messages from us.
> Every translator will get a link from Vector.us at 
> http://vector.us/translate/contributors. We will appreciate your efforts to 
> make this site more native to all people around the world!

You can create an account, but I promise nothing since right now I am
very busy. I will forward this message to other people that may be
interested in helping with the translation.

By the way, are you aware that there already exist other similar
initiatives? For example Open Clip Art Library:


> Greetings
> Henry
> Vector.us Team
> http://vector.us
> http://twitter.com/vectorfiles
> i...@vector.us
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