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Subject: KDE && Rosetta.
List-Post: proxecto@trasno.net
Date: Domingo, 6 de Agosto de 2006 16:49
From: Tom Albers <tomalb...@kde.nl>
To: kde-i18n-...@kde.org


In a previous mail I've indicated that I was willing to try to set up a
constructive dialog between Rosetta and KDE. In preparation of initiating
that I tried to make a small and to the point summary of the discussions
which have taken place on this list.

It is available at the below wiki-address. I have not tried to make a list of
all existing issues, but tried to make a list of key points and some
solutions and ideas.  When the dialog is setup, we can try to get more
problems solved.

Probably later this week I will present the document to the Rosetta
developers, so any feedback would be appreciated. You can make minor edits to
the wiki page, but i prefer to receive bigger changes by email to this list
or to me personally if you prefer that.



Best Regards

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