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From: Leandro Regueiro <leandro.regue...@gmail.com>
List-Post: proxecto@trasno.net
Date: 2009/10/30
Subject: Re: Updates in openTran
To: Jacek Śliwerski <sliw...@googlemail.com>

>>> Hi,
>>> how frequent are the updates of open-Tran database?
>> And when updating is the old data deleted from the database?
> The database is update twice a week and the old entries are removed.

Thanks for the info.

>> I ask that questions because some people think that the database
>> doesn't have the latest translations.
> It might be the case for Mozilla and OpenOffice.  They are not
> refreshed automatically, because their translations are difficult to
> extract in an automated way.

The complaints were about Gnome.

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