2010/2/27 Miguel Branco <mgl.bra...@gmail.com>

> O Sábado 27 Febreiro 2010 16:02:41 Adrián Chaves Fernández escribiu:
> > > "Cache fill"? (nun reprodutor de vídeo, p.ex)
> >
> > Non se refire á "carga (de datos) na caché (para a reprodución de son ou
> > vídeo retransmitido)"?
> Efectivamente, a iso se refire.
> Carga en caché?, Carga na caché?
> Outras alternativas?
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Another more trivial problem. When you have an big cache and small prefill
(min fill actually), when you seek, with small quantity it sees that you
are seeking in a future cache location, and supress stream seek. Instread
it waits cache to be filled to that position.
The problem is that with bigger cache it may hang on filling for minutes
while resume(seek) will take only 2-3 seconds.



Enchemento da caché ?

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