You recevive this mail because the translation of Debian Installer in
your language happened to be complete prior to changes that happened
in April 2010 in "sublevel 5" files.

These changes modified the word "disk" to "device" in packages related
to the s390 architecture.

Fixing this shoul dbe very easy and should not take longer than a few
minutes. See attached file.

More recently, also, modifications happened to "sublevel 3" files.
They were small modifications, too, introducing 2 fuzzy and 1
untranslated string. Again, it shouldn't take more than a couple of
minutes for you to fix this. You'll find this file at the following URL:


where "<language>" should be replaced by your language code

Would you mind updating these translations to bring your language back
to 100%? A full string freeze will soon happen to Debian Squeeze quite
soon and this is a perfect moment to start with 100% statistics.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact me. In case, you
CAN'T update your translations, please also mail me so that I can try
finding an alternative solution.

Many thanks in advance,

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