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From: Alaa Abd El Fattah <>
Date: 2010/7/11
Subject: [Translate-announce] Pootle 2.0.5 released
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Hola lists,

Today the Translate team released version 2.0.5 of Pootle.  Get it from

Pootle is a web based system for translation and translation

This work was made possible by many volunteers and our funders:
- ANLoc, funded by IDRC

This is a bugfix release but it also introduces 3 new translations
(Uighur, Hungarian and Portuguese) and updates to Croatian translation
is almost done (currently at 70%).

This release also introduces a change to the permissions system. making
it simpler to understand and it now reflects what users expect. from
now on Language and Translation Project permissions completely override
default server permissions instead of add to them allowing setting more
restrictive permissions.

 Highlighted Bugfixes
 - Fix for data integrity errors after deleting languages under Django
 - Password change and rest forms now work under Django 1.2.
 - Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary updates to search index.
 - fix for local terminology detection
 - removed a couple of icelandic strings that somehow slipped into the
  english language file.

As always to get the most out of Pootle it is best to use it with
the latest version of translate toolkit.

This will probably be the last maintenance release for the 2.0 branch
of Pootle. we will focus on stabilizing 2.1

Feature list:


Installation instructions:


More information:

Enjoy it!
The Translate Team

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oops sorry lists forgot to mention that 2.0.5 also includes an
experimental captcha middleware to help combat spam on Pootle servers
that allow anonymous suggestions or translations.

you can see the captcha live on and you
can enable it by adding this line to


note however the captcha is experimental it is ugly and untranslated.
only use it if you really need it.

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