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> Hi software folks,
> Could you look into the RS9110-N-11-03, an 802.11abgn module that talks SPI?
> And see if we might be able to use this for our 802.11a telemetry? 

Not clear to me what we can do to check it out.  It looks
like it ought to work; I think the only way to find out for
sure is to get hold of one.  Will they send us the reference
kit and a sample, or sell us one cheap?

> They claim to have drivers for Linux, whatever that means.

A Linux driver is this software that helps the Linux
operating system talk to specific hardware by managing the
device and providing a standard interface.

:-)  Seriously, the only question I'd have there is what they
expect for SPI hardware on the Linux end.

> We're still hoping to boost our telemetry to 5.8 GHz.

Makes sense.


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