Wow, great reference Glenn!

No, it's neither. The outside diameter of that SMT connector (the barrel
part is 2.07 mm (0.082 in), so it's teeny tiny.

It's closest in size to an LFU... in fact, it's suspiciously close to
the LDU plug, except that it's a jack. Maybe a "reverse polarity LFU"??
The interwebs don't seem to think that sort of thing exists, so I guess not.

If Pasternack doesn't have it, then it's custom... Oh.

<flip flip flip flip>

Ugh. It's some kind of bizarre test point? Because it physically
switches out the antenna when you plug in. Weird. I think it's the
MM8430-2610, see page 9 of this:

It's weird, and it doesn't seem to have a mating connector besides some
weird test probes. Someone else want to confirm that for me?

I'm now strongly leaning towards unsoldering them and soldering on coax
right to the pads.


Glenn LeBrasseur wrote:
> Could the connector be an SHV or SMP? Those are showing up on EVDO cards.
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