I agree, and (for one) would be happy to get away from analog.  The last
time I surfed for ADTV was about a year ago, so my knowledge is probably
outdated.  I could only find a (Netherlands?) group that was pursuing it,
and it looked like their equipment was more ground-based, rack mount, etc.,

We should also look for an HD camera that provides to correctly compressed
digital output.  Plus, we may be able to multiplex a few cameras more easily
than in the analog domain.

This would definitely be a good step toward an orbital platform :-)   Maybe
a Capstone (Andrew?) project could be set up for this?

Do you have any links to the latest R&D in amateur DTV?


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> > - Choose a channel.
> > - Design a new series of CPAs.
> > - Make them.
> > - Test them in the lab.
> > - Make new ground antennas.
> > - Take them out to the gorge and test the whole lot.
> Some day, I'd love to rip out the analog ATV and replace it with digital
> transmission using an HD camera mounted in the rocket. We'll need more
> CPU and I/O bandwidth on-board though.
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