> So I was wondering what the status on the hybrid motor is.  I realize that
 > the current rocket will probably be using solid state motors, and thats
 > probably for the best as we don't have to re-invent the wheel.  However, I'd
 > love to get involved in designing a hybrid.
 > So.
 > 1)  What needs to be done?

(My opinion)
 Very roughly,

A) Write up an orbital requirements page for the wiki, delta-v,
   exhaust velocity, mass fraction. Later, a mission simulator.

B) Reach consensus on which motor technology to research, this doesn't
   need to be a final decision.

C) Test lab scale motors on a stand instrumented for pressure, thrust,
   and regression rate. Some of this hardware may exist within the
   club or its penumbra and therefore would not need to be built.

D) Test a flight scale motor

E) Fly the motor

 > 2)  Who else thinks this would be a fun project?  Who can actually spare any
 > free time to think about it?

Personally, yes any no respectively.

 > 3)  What is the current status of the hybrid project?

Shelved. We have pressure and thrust data for several wax/GOX lab
scale tests, but no regression rate data.

 > 4)  Is the wiki the place to check for all status related questions as far
 > as projects go, or is there information that is not publicly available
 > somewhere else?

Much is on the wiki. If something is missing, you'll probably have to
ask for it.

 > 5)  What was the resource Peter was talking about, a forum for hybrid
 > questions?  Was that a website, or IRC?  (I don't really have any idea how
 > IRC works, but I can figure it out if there are knowledgeable people to
 > pester about motors on it.)

Thanks for the questions. Feel free to ask more :)

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