Hey PSAS (specifically people who volunteered to help with making the mold),

To maximize the number of people available for the layup, we're going to do
it Thursday night at 7 pm at PSU in EB 480. After the room-temp portion of
the cure cycle, I'll move the mold+plug to Motor Sports Engineering on
Saturday morning. We'll then cure the mold from 8 am to 7 pm. I'm
guaranteed to be there for the start of the cure cycle, but it's probably a
good idea to coordinate when people will be babysitting the oven.

Motor Sports Engineering is located at

5307 N. Albina Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

which is a couple of blocks from PCC Cascade.

Both things are warm body tasks. The layup is a lot of cutting strips of
carbon fiber and laying them on the mold. The oven babysitting is just
making sure things aren't on fire. (We *should* have a working controller
for the oven, but's it's possible we won't. The worst-case scenario is that
you'll have to watch the temperature of the oven and leak some hot air when
it goes over temperature every few minutes.)

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with this!
-- Joe Shields <https://joedang.github.io/>
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