To get an idea of how many hands we have for the layup, who is coming

On Feb 21, 2017 8:37 PM, "Joseph Shields" <> wrote:

> Hey PSAS (specifically people who volunteered to help with making the
> mold),
> To maximize the number of people available for the layup, we're going to
> do it Thursday night at 7 pm at PSU in EB 480. After the room-temp portion
> of the cure cycle, I'll move the mold+plug to Motor Sports Engineering on
> Saturday morning. We'll then cure the mold from 8 am to 7 pm. I'm
> guaranteed to be there for the start of the cure cycle, but it's probably a
> good idea to coordinate when people will be babysitting the oven.
> Motor Sports Engineering is located at
> 5307 N. Albina Ave.
> Portland, OR 97217
> which is a couple of blocks from PCC Cascade.
> Both things are warm body tasks. The layup is a lot of cutting strips of
> carbon fiber and laying them on the mold. The oven babysitting is just
> making sure things aren't on fire. (We *should* have a working controller
> for the oven, but's it's possible we won't. The worst-case scenario is that
> you'll have to watch the temperature of the oven and leak some hot air when
> it goes over temperature every few minutes.)
> Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with this!
> -- Joe Shields <>
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