Essential Statistics Approach for Selection Specialists
Doing Validation Research Workshop
Jakarta 3 October 2005 

The purpose of this course is to enable the participants to employ a 
variety of statistical techniques. After completing this course the 
participants can apply what they have learned to help them conduct 
and analyze statistical studies for their organizations. Topics 
covered include basic statistical concepts, frequency distributions, 
percentiles and percentile ranks, the normal curve, central 
tendency, variability, derived scores, correlation, classical true-
score theory, reliability, validity, passing scores, weighting and 
combining test scores, converting scores to final grades, fairness,  
Factor analysis, Multivariate Analysis and adverse impact. 

Workshop Objectives

At the completion of this workshop, participants should be aware of, 
know, or be able to do the items listed. 
•       Understand the purpose, history, and uses of statistics 
•       Be able to define some critical statistical terms 
•       Know when to use different types of statistics 
•       Know how to illustrate or display statistical results 
•       Understand the different measures of central tendency 
•       Identify and use the different measures of variability 
•       Understand how and why scores are converted/standardized 
•       Understand the basics of correlation and when it should be 
•       Understand the rationale behind the classical true score 
•       Be able to identify and compare the various forms of 
reliability and validity 
•       Understand the basic guidelines and principles by which 
selection specialists must abide 
•       Be able to identify passing scores when determining 
eligibility for employment 
•       Understand the basic concepts behind weighting and combining 
test scores, as well as converting scores to final grades 
•       Be aware of issues surrounding fairness in testing and 
adverse impact and know how to determine if a selection device has 
adverse impact 
Workshop Syllabi

1st Day
 AM  09.00 – 12.00
-       Critical Statistical terms in Recruitment and Selection areas
-       Measurement  in  Recruitment and Selection areas 
-       Test and Scaling Development
-       Unidimensionality and multidimensionality
-       Reliability, Validity and Generalizability measurement
-       Using Factor Analysis Study (incl exercise)
 PM 13.00 – 16.30
-       Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis
-       Validation Research Approach
-       Job Criterion Modeling
-       Develop Integrated and Validated Assessment Tools
-       Validation research exercise
-       Data Mining

Who Should Attend 
If you are interested in developing validated assessment system for 
an organization,  or individual (employee) in the private or public 
sector, then you need to attend this seminar. It will open your eyes 
to a whole new, but simple, way to design successful validated 
assessment system. 
Learning Methods 

The emphasis is upon learning by doing. Special features include: 
•       small number of delegates 
•       interactive "workshop" format 
•       group learning - you also get to know what other delegates 
are doing 
•       step-by-step approach on "how to" do it 
•       detailed workshop manual in e-book format 
•       Software support : SPSS and AMOS 


Two Days seminar : Rp. 2.000.000, including tuition fees, Lunch and 
meals,  The Latest Statistical Package Software, The Latest 
Statistical Modeling Analysis Software, Data sheet exercise, 
material presentation in soft copy and hard copy.

The workshop day opens at 8.30am with registration and coffee. The 
program starts at 9.00am and concludes at 3 pm.

For further Information
Pls contact HR Practice Network at  HRDC. 021-87755607, atau 

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