OK, so I went ahead and got Keyboard Maestro, and have installed the scripts.

First of all, when I opened the macro file, the KM editer opened, but I didn't 
hear anything about it being successfully imported.

Thinking maybe I just didn't hear it for some reason, I went ahead and fired up 
a very very very very small test session I made the other day which basically 
has one instrument track with Ivory instantiated, nothing really impressive.

So, I selected that track with the track list table like I'd a done before 
Flotools was in the picture. I also made absolutely sure the track is showing, 
which it definitely is. My mother who is sighted even looked, and no question, 
she confirmed it is showing both in the mix, and in the edit window.

I also made sure to follow the getting started link to an exact T that is on 
the website.

Now, if I hit option+shift+W to speak shown tracks, I'm taken to this really 
really weird window. If anyone wants to hear this with audio in action, let me 
know, and I'll record it for ya.  Basically, there's an unlabeled button with 
no help tag, then if I VO+Right arrow, I get something that says application 
button, then again to the right I see speak shown tracks, then one more 
VO+right I get show track list popup.  If I VO+Space on that, the script is 
carried out, and I'm told that 1 track is shown, inst1, which by the way, would 
be exactly correct. but why am I having to do that in this weird window 
regardless what command macro I hit? Focus mode's off, etc.

Regardless which macro I try executing, I get that strange window.  The odd 
thing is, my mom doesn't actually see it popping up on the screen.  I'm not 
sure if it's some sort of a floating window, or what.  I can't hit escape to 
get out of it either.  the only way I can dismiss it is as described above by 
carrying out the command, or, if I command+tab away from the ProTools window, 
then command+tab back to it, the window goes away, until I do another macro 

This is just the strangest thing!

Slau? Do you or anyone know what on earth might be going on?  This is just 
craziness!  Yes, I do have the box to let VO be controlled with Apple Script 

Could it be possible that I'm not on the most up to date setup?

I'm running El Capitan 10.11.6. Note this isn't any sort of beta. If it were, 
I'd not be discussing it here due to nDA.

As for PT, I'm on ProTools  For Keyboard Maestro, I am on version 

Any clues?


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