Hello Eyal,

> this benchmark is somewhat unfair as the relational stores have one advantage 
> compared to the 
> native triple stores: the relational data structure is fixed (Products, 
> Producers, Reviews, etc with given columns), while the triple 
> representation is generic (arbitrary s,p,o).
> One can question whether such flexibility is relevant in practice, and if 
> so, one may try to extract such structured patterns from data on-the-fly.

That will be our next big extension -- updateable RDV Views, as proposed
in http://esw.w3.org/topic/UpdatingRelationalDataViaSPARUL . So we will
be able to load BSBM data as RDF and query them via SPARQL web service
endpoint; thus we will masquerade  the relational storage entirely.

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Ivan Mikhailov,
OpenLink Software

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