On 24/09/11 7:16 AM, Adam Klein wrote:
Chromium (myself, Rafael Weinstein, Erik Arvidsson, Ryosuke Niwa) and
Mozilla (Olli Pettay, Jonas Sicking) have worked together on a
proposal for a replacement for Mutation Events.

This proposal represents our best attempt to date at making a set of
sensible trade offs which allows for a new mutation observation
mechanism that:

- Is free of the faults of the existing Mutation Events mechanism
(enumerated in detail here:

A simpler solution that is free from the faults listed in that email would be to have (at max) one mutation observer for the whole page context. I guess this would be called at the end of the task or immediately before page reflows.

If a js lib (or multiple libs) want to provide finer grained mutation handling then let them work out the details.


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