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> Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 1:32 PM
> To: Kenneth Russell
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> Subject: Re: Transferable and structured clones, was: Re: [FileAPI]
> Deterministic release of Blob proposal
> Ken,
> > I'm not sure that adding close() to Transferable is a good idea. Not
> > all Transferable types may want to support that explicit operation.
> > What about adding close() to Blob, and having the neutering operation
> > on Blob be defined to call close() on it?
> Specifically, you think this is not something ArrayBuffer should inherit?  If 
> it's
> also a bad idea for MessagePort, then those are really our only two use cases
> of Transferable right now.  I'm happy to create something like a close() on
> Blob.
> -- A*
We agree Blobs do not need to be transferrable, and thus it makes sense to have 
close directly on Blob, independent of being transferable.

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