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> In order to solve the broad issue of User Intentions, we have compiled below 
> a list of User Intentions derived from all of the sources of intention-style 
> events that I am aware of. I agree with Julie that some of the events below 
> are not in scope for Editing at this time. However, they are in scope for 
> IndieUI, and I think that we have an important opportunity here to bring all 
> concepts of "Intentions" together in a single explainer document so that 1) 
> web developers can have a coherent picture of how to understand User 
> Intentions and 2) the specs that concern User Intentions do not overlap. To 
> that end, I propose that we create a new User Intentions Explainer document, 
> borrowing from the work of the Editing Explainer and IndieUI to give an 
> overview of how all of the following Intention Events work together in a 
> high-level non-normative form:

Looking at the broader perspective is a great idea since many user actions such 
as copying and pasting are not specific text editable regions.

> Clipboard API
> HTML5 Drag and Drop
> Selection API (beforeSelectionChange)
> DOM Events (beforeInput)
> IndieUI
> Each of these specs solves some aspect of User Intentions, and they should be 
> coherent. For instance, we need to solve how beforeInput does not overlap 
> Clipboard and DnD, and consider moving some parts of IndieUI that apply to 
> input (undo/redo) to beforeInput.


> Further, I propose that we fine-tune the Editing Explainer, making it clear 
> that there are two problems we're trying to solve in that space- Editing 
> Intentions and Extensible Web Editing. From there we can begin to create 
> normative specs for solving these two Editing problems.

I don’t think we need to necessarily scope specifically for editing per se.  
There is a broader set of user actions that need to manually detected by the 
web apps at the moment, and it would be nice to create event-based API that 
could be extended for other applications such as drawing apps and various UI 
components such as a color palette, etc…

> The end result of this would be a high-level explainer for all known User 
> Intention specs, and a high-level explainer for Editing. Then we can solve 
> each individual problem more granularly while maintaining coherence. Thoughts?

Perhaps we even want to look at the list of use case in 
http://www.w3.org/TR/indie-ui-requirements/ and come up with a single coherent 
API.  It would be really nice if we added the “intention” events as the 
foundation for all UI interactions and built extensible editing API on top of 

- R. Niwa

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