There is now an Editing Explainer [1] and a User Intentions Explainer [2], 
which should help scope the problems and help us drive forward on both areas. I 
haven't done much to fine tune them yet, but please let me know if you have 
feedback on this split from the initial Commands Explainer document. Thanks!


On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 5:23 PM, Ben Peters <> wrote:
> I agree with this. We should have a single 'shape' for these events and 
> shared terminology.
> I think trying to solve all of the problems in one complete spec would be too 
> complex,  but if we use an Intentions Explainer to divide the problem into 
> manageable pieces, we can continue on our trajectory of creating these events 
> for Selection, Clipboard, Drag and Drop, Input (aka Editing), and perhaps 
> other user interactions. Are there objections to this approach? If not, I 
> will begin to adapt the Commands Explainer into a more generic Intentions 
> Explainer.

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