Hi there:

Though I am not part of the browser developing community, I am doing web
development since before the days of Marc Andreessen - when we had
neither script or even text flowing around images. So you may understand
how much I I enjoy what you are doing and that I can't wait for new
functionality to emerge. webRTC, websockets, file systems, indexeddb you
name it - cool stuff that enables folks like me to change the web into
something truly awesome. Thanks a lot for your work.

But .. there's something missing. Actually: There are two things
missing. Maybe .. just maybe .. I am able to convince you to at least
think about what I am suggesting.

First: We need signed script code. We are doing a lot of stuff with
script - we could safely do even more, if we would be able to safely
deliver script that has some kind of a trust model. I am thinking about
signed JAR files - just like we did with java applets not too long ago.
Maybe as an extension to the CSP enviroment .. and a nice frame around
the browser telling the user that the site is providing trusted / signed
code. Signed code could allow more openness, like true full screen, or
simpler ajax downloads. 

Second: It would be great to finally be able to accept incoming
connections. There's access to cameras and microphones - why not allow
us the ability to code servers in the browser? Maybe in combination with
my suggestion above? Websites would be able to offer webdav simply by
'mounting' the browser (no pun intended) and the browser would do
caching/forwarding/encrypting ..  Imaging being able to directly access
files on a web site without web download.

I could go on for another hour or two. But I don't want to sound

Thank you for reading this.



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