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> Tab,
> I spend the vast majority of my time anymore in RDF-land, where namespaces
> actually make sense (I'm not going to argue on the XML use of namespaces -
> they are, agreed, ugly and complex). I know that when I've been at Balisage
> or any of the W3 confabs, the issue of namespaces ex-XML has been hotly
> debated, and many, many potential solutions proposed. Regardless, I do
> think that there is a very real need for namespaces in the general sense,
> if only as a way of being able to assert conceptual domain scope and to
> avoid collisions (<div> is the prototypical example here).
Although they are ugly, they did do one thing correct, and that was to
place the burden of namespace resolution and use on the final document
creator.  I think that namespace/prefix should be defined by the web page
designer and not the component library designer. This allows end users of
the component the ability to resolve the conflicts, instead of filing a bug
report and a component designer has to fix all namespace resolutions.

As a component designer, I'd like the ability to develop with a single
<panel> instead of <my-really-long-hopefully-not-conflicting-panel>.

I definitely prefer the prefix solution as it "looks" cleaner in the end
product.  document.registerElement should warn/error if the end product tag
is already in use, that's for sure.

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