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>> Tab,
>> I spend the vast majority of my time anymore in RDF-land, where
>> namespaces actually make sense (I'm not going to argue on the XML use of
>> namespaces - they are, agreed, ugly and complex). I know that when I've
>> been at Balisage or any of the W3 confabs, the issue of namespaces ex-XML
>> has been hotly debated, and many, many potential solutions proposed.
>> Regardless, I do think that there is a very real need for namespaces in the
>> general sense, if only as a way of being able to assert conceptual domain
>> scope and to avoid collisions (<div> is the prototypical example here).
> Although they are ugly, they did do one thing correct, and that was to
> place the burden of namespace resolution and use on the final document
> creator.  I think that namespace/prefix should be defined by the web page
> designer and not the component library designer. This allows end users of
> the component the ability to resolve the conflicts, instead of filing a bug
> report and a component designer has to fix all namespace resolutions.
> As a component designer, I'd like the ability to develop with a single
> <panel> instead of <my-really-long-hopefully-not-conflicting-panel>.

This is a problem I would like solve as well.

> I definitely prefer the prefix solution as it "looks" cleaner in the end
> product.  document.registerElement should warn/error if the end product tag
> is already in use, that's for sure.

It already does:


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