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Hi All,

This is heads-up re the intent to publish a Working Draft of "WebIDL Level
1" (on or around August 4) using Yves' document as the basis and a new
"shortname" of "WebIDL-1":


There is an open question about what should happen with TR/WebIDL/ (which
now is the 2012 Candidate Recommendation). One option is to serve it as
WebIDL-1. Another option is to replace it with the latest version of
Cameron's Editor's Draft. A third option is to make it some type of "landing
page" the user can use to load the various versions. Feedback on these
options is welcome and the default (if there are no non-resolvable issues)
is to go with option #2 (Yves' preference).
The CSSWG always points the non-leveled url to the latest spec.

This is also what PLH recommended be done and that seems reasonable to me. Thus:

TR/WebIDL/ -> TR/WebIDL-2/

The L2 version (by Cameron and Boris [L2]) has not been published as a TR and if there no objections to proceeding as above, I will start working on making this all happen.

-Thanks, AB

[L2] <http://heycam.github.io/webidl/>

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