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“An accessibility review and handling of this [accessibility issue #1] are 
still needed and will likely cause a CR cycle. To avoid unnecessary work I 
propose CR to be deferred until that work is complete.”


I think the issue can be resolved with an informative note in the spec. It’s a 
question of what the browser does in accessibility terms once a 
pointerlockchange event has been fired.


Will post this to the GH issue in a moment… but don’t believe this should hold 
up the CFC.







[accessibility issue #1]


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Looks good, +1



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Hello WP,

This is a Call For Consensus (CFC) to request that W3C republish Pointer
Lock as a Candidate Recommendation (CR). Extensions to the MouseEventInit
Dictionary [1] constitute substantive changes to the specification that were
made after the current CR was published in 2013 [2].

Please reply to this CFC no later than 21st June 2016. Positive responses
are preferred and supporting comments (beyond just +1) are encouraged, but
silence will be considered as consent.

Thank you.

Léonie on behalf of the WP chairs and team, and Pointer Lock editor.
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