From: Léonie Watson [] 
Sent: 21 June 2016 11:18

Yes, CR requires at least two implementations in shipping browsers. Once 
Pointer Lock is at Recc, hopefully the Shadow DOM content will be stable enough 
to include in Pointer Lock next.


Correction: A CR doesn’t require 2+ implementations, but we do have to 
demonstrate that the spec has received wide review. The implementations are 
needed to exit CR as we move to PR though. Sorry, my fault for not paying 


We plan to move Pointer Lock to CR, then to Recc within a few weeks. It seems 
like the most painless way to do things.


The alternative was to include the Shadow DOM features but mark them as “at 
risk” during the CR. Given that Shadow DOM is still not stable, it’s likely 
we’d have to take those features out again for PR – which seems like extra work 
for the editor.


Instead we encourage the editors to publish a WD of Pointer Lock 2 as soon as 
there is concensus on the Shadow DOM content.






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