On Mon, 2016-09-19 at 14:41 +0530, Nishit Sharma wrote:
>      *  Is there any workaround to close device/stream and open new
> device/stream when switching from AMIC to DMIC??*

I can't think of any way to do that (except modifying the code).

> *       I mean, When AMIC plugged out the device/stream should be closed
> and opens new device/stream for DMIC as pulseaudio did for AMIC. Instead of
> switching only port, DMIC              Initailzation happens as done for

You seem to be convinced that the stream should be reopened when
changing the port. What is that conviction based on? Normally there's
no need to do that. Is your hardware somehow special in this regard?

Have you tested that recording from DMIC works with plain alsa tools,
without pulseaudio in the middle? Have you tried recording from AMIC
with arecord, and then switching to DMIC while arecord is still
running? If your theory of needing stream reopening is true, recording
with arecord should stop working when you switch to DMIC, but start
working again if you restart arecord so that the stream is recreated.

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