Hi All,

I have observed strange behavior of PulseAudio8.0 which is as:-
I have one card which have 2 devices AMIC and DMIC. I am using ALSA, UCM
config files with PulseAudio. Before pulseaudio boots up Headset and DMIC
have been connected on card. When PulseAudio boots up it initializes AMIC (
Headset ) only and i can record using it.
Now, the problem starts. When i plugged Headset the Port switching done
from AMIC to DMIC and after sometime i got overrun without recording

My analysis:- PulseAudio should initialize both AMIC and DMIC ( setting hw
params and other stuff ) but only AMIC initialized. Only port switching
should not have been happened as no hw params setup for DMIC. Port switched
but PulseAudio is expecting I/P for AMIC. Am i right here?

Waiting for Reply.

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