'Twas brillig, and Nathan Kidd at 15/06/10 17:18 did gyre and gimble:
> I think the ability to say "this is my preferred sound device" would  be
> ideal.  So if that device gets plugged in it automatically becomes the
> output.
> You don't make your headset the preferred device, and you're happy.  For
> me, I really want my good-sounding USB speakers to automatically work
> when I plug them into my (crappy-speakers-) laptop.  The
> portability/sound quality tug-of-war causes me to be constantly fiddling
> with sound preferences.

What you want here is definitely something that will be supported.

That's not the debate. The discussion is about what should happen by
*default* the very first time a device is plugged in.

I maintain that the new device should not change your setup and that,
except in some special cases (like VoIP calls for Headset devices) the
new device should be injected in at the bottom of the priority list of
devices, not at the top.



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