'Twas brillig, and Yves (theYinYeti) at 14/06/10 08:48 did gyre and gimble:
> Le 14/06/2010 01:59, Jason Taylor a écrit :
>> I just realized I missed one other use case... pa has no concept of
>> window order..
>>   - With 2 streams of the same role (other then notification) are
>> active the stream that has the higher client in the window stack
>> should be the active stream, all other streams should be corked
> I'm not absolutely sure of what "corked" means, but it seems to mean
> "paused".
> If so, I don't agree. Here's an example where I don't want anything to
> happen to current sound when another sound of the same nature begins:
> My son watches a cartoon on TV, the picture of which comes from the
> S-Video output of the PC (display :1 ); the sound is directed at the TV
> as well using sound card #2.
> Meanwhile, on the computer's screen (display :0 ), I watch a conference,
> the sound of which goes to the screen's integrated speakers through
> sound card #1.
> This setup is quite common with me. Even more often (but then roles are
> different I guess), the HiFi plays Deezer (good music) while the
> integrated speakers let me hear both the orator of the lengthy
> conference I'm attending, and the events' sounds of the little game I
> have alongside, for moments in the conference when there's nothing
> interesting being said.
> I definitely don't want any sound to ever be paused or stopped
> automatically. But then, maybe I'm not part of the normal users...

I think you're probably right about being "not part of the normal
users", but that's not to say the problem isn't solvable.

For example, each stream has the following property:
        window.x11.display = ":0.0"

It would be theoretically possible to make the cork rules only affect
streams that are on the same display as the one that triggers them. e.g.
a video on display :1 would not affect music on display :0 or similar.

It obviously makes things more complicated, but it's theoretically
possible if someone puts in the work!



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