> No big issue with the rest of your proposals (besides the usual "who's
> doing the work?" =p).

If it would be accepted I would attempt to brush off my rusty c skills..
I'm just not sure how welcome this work would be in pa...

> However this one isn't a good idea, your web
> browser plays tons of different things, alert sounds from web-apps,
> videos (youtube and friends), audio from sites like pandora, game-sounds
> from the various flash time-wasters. If this was classified as video, my
> web-app giving me a new IM notification would cork my audio stream
> (assuming your other proposals make it in)...

The "browser" classification as video was just a suggestion for such a
generic player, nothing else really fits IIMHO.., if the stream was
tagged with correct media.role, then pa would use that, the "video"
would be a fall back position. If you kept your browser with no media
role then nothing would happen as now.. which sucks when viewing a
youtube video and having to open the music player and stop it so you
can hear the video..

html5 tags like video/audio would really help here but thats probably
3 to 5 years away of having any significant role..

I just realized I missed one other use case... pa has no concept of
window order..
 - With 2 streams of the same role (other then notification) are
active the stream that has the higher client in the window stack
should be the active stream, all other streams should be corked


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pointless. " - Calven
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