Hi everyone!

I recently used the pyglet library, but I must say that it is really 
fantastic, easy to use and well documented. Unfortunately there is no 
official forum, so doing various research I found only this channel of 

I'm working on an open source project that was originally abandoned, I got 
it, and I'm progressively improving it.

TerraCraft is an excellent project to test the potential of pyglet, the 
code is neat and well documented, it is easy to make changes and implement 
new features.

My idea is to create a small community on my github repository to develop 

It may be a good idea to join forces to improve this project.

I am writing a new wiki where I will insert future goals and a small guide 
for collaborators who want to contribute to the project.

TerraCraft is released under the GPL3 license, and I am currently also 
developing a new 8bit style font (Arcade80), which will always be released 
under the GPL3 license.

The project repository is this: https://github.com/XenonCoder/TerraCraft

I would be really happy to find interested people who want to contribute to 
development. Thanks to your help I can better understand the pyglet 
library, to optimize the code and implement new libraries for the creation 
of a GUI (game menu, inventory system).

TerraCraft is basically a small Voxel Game Engine, which in the future I 
would like to extend by inserting a modding system (using json? Nothing 
complex I want to keep the project simple and easy to understand).

I hope to receive your opinion, advice, suggestions and anything useful for 
the improvement of this project that I find very funny and rewarding.

Thank you all, I wait for you.



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