I understand what you mean about Camel case. I had the same feelings when I 
first started using Python!   That said, you really should consider trying 
to adopt the "PEP 8" Python style guide, because it may affect 
contributions to your project.  Some people may dismiss your project, or 
misjudge your work as amateur due to little things like this. 

I'd like to throw a few contributions your way as well, if I have some 
time. Is anythin particularly high priority?


On Monday, April 9, 2018 at 12:49:45 AM UTC+9, Xenon Develop wrote:
> thank you for your answer.
> Yes, TerraCraft is a nice project, born from my passion when I tried the 
> original fogleman project.
> My idea is to keep the code structure unchanged, improving the 
> organization of the project and inserting new features in a progressive way 
> without upsetting the simplicity of the project.
> TerraCraft implements new features and commands and at present it is 
> almost a complete base.
> My current priorities are:
> - New inventory system. The current one allows to select blocks by 
> pressing the keys from 0-9, therefore very limited and without the 
> possibility to display the active blocks.
> - A simple main menu, with backgroud and buttons with a hoover effect.
> - Improvement of the mapgen (I have already written part of the new code 
> that I will implement in the future).
> I need collaborators, because alone I do not guarantee the success of all 
> this :)
> I use the Camel case convention because I find it more natural and easy 
> (in C, Java, Lua and other languages we mainly use the Camel case, so I'm 
> used to this convention)
> Thanks so much. I hope to find good collaborators to make TerraCraft a 
> complete project, then it will be much easier to improve it later.

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