Those three sites are on a Rackspace VPS badly organized and using their 
Cloud DNS. I'm in the process of migrating them over a Linode (we got 
sponsorship) VPS + DNS configured to publish via a githook for people 
who'll have access to do it: for now me, steve and goodwill.

Those sites are static for now but would probably need compiling on 
publishing soon and probably add more stuff behind sooner than later. For 
sure we can go the Github page route but while in the process of migrating 
them I think it's preferable to have more options at hand with the VPS than 
making sure we have no other possibilities than static sites.

On Saturday, January 2, 2016 at 4:12:04 PM UTC-5, Michael Merickel wrote:
> Hey everyone, I'm starting the discussion (which I hope is very quick) 
> about what to do with our public websites.
> Right now we have:
> - (docs, hosted on rtd)
> - (hosted on rtd)
> - (ppo, hosted somewhere controlled by blaise/ben)
> - (tpc, hosted somewhere I have no idea)
> - (hosted somewhere I have no idea)
> - (hosted on rtd)
> I think Blaise is the only person with access to DNS configurations but 
> I'm not really sure.
> I'd like to propose moving several sites over to github pages for easier 
> management and update the DNS records with CNAME records to the github 
> pages sites. All of the sites are static and it would allow master to be 
> always live, as well as control deployment permissions via the standard 
> membership levels.
> The sites I'd like to see updated are:
> -
> -
> -
> Can anyone give me a reason to not go this route?
> - Michael

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