What is the value for maintaining the domain name pylonshq.com?

The repos named pylonshq and pylonsrtd are rarely updated, typically only for releases of Pyramid, and will be superseded by the new repo pylonsproject.org. Eventually both pylonshq and pylonsrtd repos will cease to exist.


On 1/4/16 at 9:57 PM, bla...@laflamme.org (Blaise Laflamme) pronounced:

Obviously the owner of pylonshq.com never pointed the site to the right address. If someone is able to reach him please tell him to point to the marketing.pylonsproject.org IP.

On Monday, January 4, 2016 at 1:10:36 PM UTC-5, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:

I just wanted to add that PylonsHQ redirects to PylonsProject (and is the name of the github project), and that link should be maintained.

Steve Piercy, Soquel, CA

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