Wow a lot to digest.  I use assign_mapper which needs the
session_context how do I get that with the the new setup?  It was pretty
easy to get with sacontext, I'm not sure how to get at it with this new

Mike Orr wrote:
> I've updated "SQLAlchemy for people in a hurry" with the new
> SQLAlchemy 0.4 programming pattern designed by Ben, MikeB, and myself.
>  We're no longer using SAContext but instead putting the engine,
> metadata, and contextual session directly in our application code.
> This allows you to apply advanced concepts directly from the
> SQLAlchemy manual.
> SQLAlchemy 0.4 beta 2 has a new 'engine_from_config' function that
> creates an engine based on a Pylons-format configuration file.  The
> article uses this function.
> SQLAlchemy 0.4 contains many refactorings  and simplifications, and
> the manual has been rewritten to address many FAQs which have come up
> over the past several months.  This is the main reason SAContext was
> deprecated; it's not needed in 0.4.
> I'll release SAContext 0.3.5 momentarily, which is forward-compatible
> with SQLAlchemy 0.4 but keeps the existing API and uses deprecated
> SQLAlchemy features.  SAContext is now in bugfix-only mode.
> You may want to check the article again in 24 hours in case SQLAlchemy
> experts have corrected any errors.  One thing I'm adding right now is
> the pylons_scope function.

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