I've seen exactly these kind of things happening in a package called
Yasara, which is freely available in a limited form at www.yasara.org But
I am quite fond of the feel and features of Pymol that I would love to see
some of such features in there in stead of making the switch :)


On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, Tom Thompson wrote:

> Mark,
> I switched from powerpoint to Keynote and it works much better.  For 
> example, the beginning of the movie runs much more smoothly now.  BTW 
> if it matters I make my movies by compressing images in graphic 
> converter.  About the zoom/stop.  You can have one slide of the 
> initial frame for the still, then go into the zoom movie (there are 
> scripts to do this) on the next slide.  Or you could have it all 
> timed out in one movie to pause for a certain amount of time in a 
> particular state.
> -Tom
> >I'm wondering what software people use to display their pymol-made movies
> >to best effect.  I tried embedding the movies in powerpoint, but I don't
> >like the performance drop.  Running the movies from a movie player like
> >quicktime just doesn't seem integrated enough if you want to interact with
> >your movies.  I'm picturing a scenario where the movies are seamlessly
> >embedded in the presentation and scene-changes can be prompted by a
> >mouseclick.  I know I've seen someone do this before, but I don't know
> >what kind of software they were using.  I'd like to start with a still
> >image, click my mouse have the protein rotate and zoom in on an active
> >site, wait while I discuss everything important, then move on to something
> >else when I click the mouse again.  In addition, things like labels and
> >text can be overlaid over the movies and respond to choreographed
> >mouseclicks as well.  Any ideas?
> >
> >- Mark Wilke
> >
> >
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