Whenever I've done this i've used powerpoint and eiher encoded the vidoe as MPEG or used Flash to make th movie. As with most people here i found powerpoint doesn't show large videos too well within a slideshow when presented as MPEG but have found that flash movies do stream quite well. The only problem is that I don't have a laptop so when I give presentations it has to be done on someone elses computer and rarely can you gaurantee what codecs etc they will have installed - hence forcing the use of lower compression more ubiquitous codecs


Mark Wilke wrote:

I'm wondering what software people use to display their pymol-made movies
to best effect.  I tried embedding the movies in powerpoint, but I don't
like the performance drop.  Running the movies from a movie player like
quicktime just doesn't seem integrated enough if you want to interact with
your movies.  I'm picturing a scenario where the movies are seamlessly
embedded in the presentation and scene-changes can be prompted by a
mouseclick.  I know I've seen someone do this before, but I don't know
what kind of software they were using.  I'd like to start with a still
image, click my mouse have the protein rotate and zoom in on an active
site, wait while I discuss everything important, then move on to something
else when I click the mouse again.  In addition, things like labels and
text can be overlaid over the movies and respond to choreographed
mouseclicks as well.  Any ideas?

- Mark Wilke

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