Hi Peter 

Your posting is a few weeks old, but I could see no replies yet, so I'll try :-)

We have single-CPU Dell machines (3 GHz, 2GB RAM), but I suppose you just buy 
CPU, disk and memory according to your needs (and money :-)

You don't write anything about OS, but according to your "ps" line, I assume it 
is Linux. We use Nvidia Quadro FX3000 graphics, which I can recommend. It is 
really fast (compared to our old SGIs), and the setup is straightforward. Just 
download the driver from nvidia.com, run the installer, and add a few things in 
the XF86Config file (see Nvidia readme file). We have successfully tested the 
driver (including stereo support) with Pymol on the following OSes:

RH 9.0 
Fedora Core 1 
Enterprise WS 3
Windows XP

I have no experience with O, but Pymol, VMD and Accelrys insightII graphics 
works fine i stereo.
We use glasses from http://www.edimensional.com/, which are about $100 for 
emitter and glasses, and $50 for extra glasses w/o emitter. There is also a 
"breakout" box for use with cheaper graphics cards, but if you use the FX3000 
(or any other Quadro card), you just throw away the breakout box and connect 
the emitter directly to the VESA stereo connector on the graphics card.

We also have a 3D projection system with two projectors and polarization 
filters. The Quadro cards are dual head, and the Nvidia driver is capable of 
sending the L/R stereo images to different displays (requires additional setup 
in XF86Config, again - see the readme file). So no problems here either. (I 
haven't been able to make this work under Windows yet :-)



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> Dear all,
> we just considering to purchase new linux pcs and i would be 
> very interested 
> in the latest hardware recommendations?
> we are planning to use these machines for stereo 
> visualization with pymol and 
> O.
> cheers,
> peter
> ps. has the pymol Xig Summit2.2 problem been resolved?
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