Dear Tony,

You can get quite far with the mvCmd command. The parser will get confused if you issue complex commands that way, but there are workarounds.

You want to rotate one chain only over some movie frames.

Step 1) write a rotate.pml script, containing:
rotate x,5,chain A

Step 2) use it from mvCmd:
mvCmd 1-100,@rotate.pml

For more complex things (like using the sin()-smoothed movement features), you will probably need to hack into rtools/



Tony Giannetti wrote:
Hello all,
    This may have already been answered but I don't see it in the archives.
I've got rTools working under MacPyMol and the effects are great.  I'm
working with a scene that has many objects loaded at once and I want to have
some of them move independently over each other.  So far I can only get
rTools to apply rotations/translations to the whole scene, but not to
individual objects.  I can probably work around this using the alpha channel
and then pasting the rendered images back onto the original scene in
photoshop, but I'm wondering if there's a command scheme that will allow
object one to rotate and translate according to rTools commands without
altering the other objects in the scene.  Thanks much,

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