Hey Olve,
    Not a prob, and since this is a common problem I will post my answer to
the list.  Kelley Moreman actually did a lot of this legwork so I give props
to him.  You are correct, the rTools that you can download from the web does
not work on MacPyMol directly.  Kelley was able to obtain an earlier version
of the script that does work.  I've attached it and it's called movie.py.
Very simply, you put it in the same directory as the MacPyMol executable
file (in the Mac system this is simply where the MacPyMol icon is located;
you don't even have to open the archive.  Once PyMol is loaded, type 'run
movie.py' and everything is loaded.  You can then input commands like
mvSinrot and mvMov and all those great commands.  Enclosed are other files
from Kelley including more detailed setup instructions and a description of
how the animation commands work.

It's pretty easy once you get started.  In about 2 days I constructed the
movie for my thesis defense that can currently be viewed at:


Of course moving objects independently of scene rotations isn't trivial,
though it apparently can be done (Kelley and Warren have tips on this).  For
this movie, anything that moves was rendered with the rest of the scene
objects turned off and then spliced into background scenes using photoshop

Hope this helps you, and other Mac users.

On 5/21/04 11:12 PM, "Olve Peersen" <olve.peer...@colostate.edu> wrote:

> Tony,
>   I was wondering if you could e-mail me or post the details of how
> you got rTools to work with MacPymol as opposed to X11 pymol for the
> Mac.  I've fiddled with it a bit, but I cannot seem to get the movie
> commands to work.
> Thanks,
> Olve Peersen
> On May 15, 2004, at 11:25 PM, Tony Giannetti wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>     This may have already been answered but I don't see it in the
>> archives.
>> I've got rTools working under MacPyMol and the effects are great.  I'm
>> working with a scene that has many objects loaded at once and I want
>> to have
>> some of them move independently over each other.  So far I can only get
>> rTools to apply rotations/translations to the whole scene, but not to
>> individual objects.  I can probably work around this using the alpha
>> channel
>> and then pasting the rendered images back onto the original scene in
>> photoshop, but I'm wondering if there's a command scheme that will
>> allow
>> object one to rotate and translate according to rTools commands without
>> altering the other objects in the scene.  Thanks much,
>>         Tony
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