I've started playing with 3D printing some ball-and-stick models 
(primarily nucleic acids). I've worked up some Blender scripts to enable 
automatic pinning (e.g. add a small pin to cylinder of the O3'-P bond 
and a correspond hole in the phosphate sphere), however, I'm trying to 
further decrease the amount of user input needed in Blender to 
ultimately export the model parts for printing. One thing that would be 
really useful would be to define some custom child nodes in the VRML 
output (atom names for example) and subsequently input that into Blender 
as custom properties. Could someone point me to the most relevant pymol 
files responsible for VRML output? I did some quick fgrep'ing and didn't 
find too much that was of use. Blender side was pretty easy to 
accomplish so far.



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