Hello pymolers,

- Is there a command, which would be: select all residues, which are right now shown as sticks ? Background : sometimes you analyze the protein a little bit more empirically, that means you highlight some residues in sticks e.g. at domain interfaces , then you undo this and take others. If there is not a command like this, it would be convenient to have it.

- the undo button (academic pymol version 2.0.5) is still not working (but I guess you know this, would be nice to have an undo in the academic licence)

- Is there a command, which would give you all the image specific stettings. Background: sometimes you create a figure you save the .png,  but you don't click the log command for the .pse file. After some  month/years you want to generate a similar figure, and then it looks pretty similar but not identical. I guess it would be more complicated, to import the .png in pymol, and retrieve all "figure" options (like ray trace mode, antialias, dash width, transparency etc) . But still .. such a feature would be useful.

- sometimes pymol (version 2.0.5) crashes, especially before ray-ing more complex sceneries (but I guess this is a common bug. Still, would be nice to have that fixed)

thanks, all the best from Berlin

Ulrike Scheib


Ulrike Scheib
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Experimentelle Biophysik, AG Hegemann
Invalidenstr. 42, Neubau
10115 Berlin

Tel: 030 2093 8349

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