Hi Ulrike,

> - Is there a command, which would be: select all residues, which are right 
> now shown as sticks ? Background : sometimes you analyze the protein a little 
> bit more empirically, that means you highlight some residues in sticks e.g. 
> at domain interfaces , then you undo this and take others. If there is not a 
> command like this, it would be convenient to have it.

Yes you can select by representation:

select mysele, rep sticks

See "Style" selectors in the operator table:

> - the undo button (academic pymol version 2.0.5) is still not working (but I 
> guess you know this, would be nice to have an undo in the academic licence)

Adding undo for styling etc. is on the roadmap!

The already existing undo button only covers editing operations (stuff you can 
do in the builder, like adding bonds or fragments).

> - Is there a command, which would give you all the image specific stettings. 
> Background: sometimes you create a figure you save the .png,  but you don't 
> click the log command for the .pse file. After some  month/years you want to 
> generate a similar figure, and then it looks pretty similar but not 
> identical. I guess it would be more complicated, to import the .png in pymol, 
> and retrieve all "figure" options (like ray trace mode, antialias, dash 
> width, transparency etc) . But still .. such a feature would be useful.

If you want to list all settings which have been changed (have a non-default 
value) you can use this script: https://pymolwiki.org/index.php/Save_settings

> - sometimes pymol (version 2.0.5) crashes, especially before ray-ing more 
> complex sceneries (but I guess this is a common bug. Still, would be nice to 
> have that fixed)

It's possible that you run out of memory when ray tracing a very complex scene. 
You could try lowering the "hash_max" setting, which trades computing time for 
memory usage: https://pymolwiki.org/index.php/Hash_max

If it's crashing for a different reason, we should fix it. It would be great if 
you can provide the exact steps which lead to a crash for you.


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