Hi, many thanks for pyqtgraph which I'm using extensively for 
visualisation, particularly the affineSlice function.

I've just come across a bug, or rather a missing feature, in affineSlice(). 
I am using the latest GitHub
development code for pyqtgraph/functions.py because I need a recent fix to 
make nearest-neighbour interpolation 
(order=0) work. 

However I've found that when using order=0 or order=1 I can't flag 
out-of-bounds data by setting cval=-999 (say) 
because interpolateArray doesn't use the same arguments as 
scipy.ndimage.map_coordinates. Instead it
uses default= to specify the value for out of bounds data and this is not 
passed by affineSlice.

I've patched my version by passing the keyword arguments through to 
interpolateArray and adding in one line
to pick up the cval argument:

default = kargs.get("cval", default)

There are probably better ways to fix it, but would be good if it could use 
the cval argument, and perhaps add a note
in the docs to explain that other out-of-bounds modes (mode='reflect', etc) 
are not supported for order=0, 1.

Apologies if this is already reported.


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