Vinay Sajip added the comment:

> as far as I know virtualenv does not create links for local/bin and friends 
> either.

AFAIK it never used to, but it seems to do so since 1.6.3, in an attempt to fix 
a problem with the "posix_local" install scheme. I just tested with virtualenv 
1.6.4, and when I create a venv in /tmp/venv, it creates a symbolic link 
/tmp/venv/local which points back to /tmp/venv. This behaviour causes problems 
with e.g. PyCharm, which shows ever-nesting directories ("turtles all the way 
down"), has led to later versions of virtualenv creating an actual directory 
and symlinking the venv's contents to entries in it.

The question is: is this still necessary? Why exactly does "posix_local" need 
this, and does it need it for Python 3.3, 3.4 etc? Adding Carl to nosy, hoping 
he can shed some light on this.

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