Marco Amadori added the comment:

2012/11/21 Carl Meyer <>

> Carl Meyer added the comment:
> Here is the bug filed against virtualenv that led to the addition of the
> local/ directory:
> As Vinay pointed out, the original fix was later modified to be friendlier
> to tools that dislike recursive symlinks.

I didn't used virtualenv but pyvenv-3.3, so if this is not a bug, my
question become:

how to proper install distribute and pip in python 3.3 venv since they
installs in <VENV>/local/bin and that <VENV>/bin/activate does not
include <VENV>/local/bin in $PATH ?

title: pyvenv 3.3 fails to create symlinks for <virtualenv>/local/{bin,lib} to 
<virtualenv>/{bin,lib} -> pyvenv 3.3 fails to create symlinks for 
<virtualenv>/local/{bin, lib} to <virtualenv>/{bin, lib}

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