Marco Amadori added the comment:

> The question is: is this still necessary? Why exactly does
> "posix_local" need this, and does it need it for Python 3.3, 3.4 etc? 
> Adding Carl to nosy, hoping he can shed some light on this.

I hope to see the light on that too. ;-)

Meanwhile, my problem was that after creating the virtualenv, as cited in the 
blog post above linked, I got stuck in installing pip (and thus distribute) in 
that virtualenv, because 'VENV/local/bin' is not in the $PATH (and it seems 
reasonable for a virtualenv that this will remain stable).

So, (IMHO) if changing the $PATH is not a good idea, either python should do:

1. patch distribute and pip to do not install in ./local by default if in a 
VENV. (enviroment variable based?, whatever)

2. create the links after creating the VENV (my naïve solution)

Am I right or I completely hit the wrong issue?


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