Jim Gallacher wrote ..
> So far I have working images of Debian stable, Debian unstable and 
> Gentoo, plus the afore mentioned but messed up FreeBSD. As time (and 
> disk space) permit I'll add some combination of Fedora, maybe one of the
> RHEL clones, SUSE, Ubuntu or whatever else strikes my fancy.

I can't remember whether you need to actually be hosting a project on
SourceForge, or whether you get access just with a normal user account,
but the SourceForge compile farm provides a range of different hosts
that might be able to be used. I host a project on SF so can access it, but
at the moment am way too busy to try and debug anything for FreeBSD.
Hopefully will get some time back in a few more weeks. :-)

32-bit x86 Architecture:

x86-linux2: Fedora Linux FC2 running Linux 2.6 kernel
x86-openbsd1: OpenBSD 3.4
x86-solaris1: Sun Solaris 9
x86-linux1: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 running Linux 2.4 kernel
x86-freebsd1: FreeBSD 4.8
x86-netbsd1: NetBSD 1.6.1

AMD 64-bit (Opteron) Architecture:

amd64-linux1: Fedora Core release 3 running Linux 2.6 kernel

DEC Alpha (ev67) Architecture:

alpha-linux1: Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 running Linux 2.2 kernel

PowerPC Architecture:

ppc-osx1: Apple Mac OS X 10.1 Server with Fink running on an Apple Mac G4
ppc-osx2: Apple Mac OS X 10.2 Server with Fink running on an Apple Mac G4

Sparc (UltraSPARC-II) Architecture:

sparc-solaris1, sparc-solaris2: Sun Solaris 9, running on two Sun Enterprise 
220R systems

IBM Power5 Architecture:

openpower-linux1: SuSE Enterprise Linux 9, running on an IBM OpenPower 720 
(e-Series) host.

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