Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:

OK, I think we got enough +1's and no show-stopping problems (for a beta at least). I copied it over the apache server, once the mirrors sync I'll update the site and send the big announcement.

I was also thinking it was time for a wider release, but was hoping to see a +1 for FreeBSD 4 or 5 first.

I've been sporadically trying to test mod_python on FreeBSD 5.4 using qemu but with no success. Not a big suprise since I can't get 3.1.4 to work either. I've likely messed something up as this was my first attempt with either FreeBSD or qemu. FreeBSD feels like a foreign country where everyone speaks English but with a funny accent. I'm sure I'll adjust.

On the subject of qemu, one of my longer term projects is to setup an automated test environment using qemu images of the "most popular" linux and bsd distros. I get to decide what's popular. No arguments. No flamewars. ;) Qemu ain't fast, but it is effective and cheap. (To put things in context the unit tests alone take approx 10 minutes. Granted my computer is not a screamer, but still...)

So far I have working images of Debian stable, Debian unstable and Gentoo, plus the afore mentioned but messed up FreeBSD. As time (and disk space) permit I'll add some combination of Fedora, maybe one of the RHEL clones, SUSE, Ubuntu or whatever else strikes my fancy.

Once I cobble together some scripts to control qemu and automate the configure/make/test cycle we'll have ourselves a nice little virtual build farm. Let the computers work while we sleep, I say. If I ever get around to fully implementing this grand scheme we'll have a tool which will hopefully speed up the release cycle.

Is this Friday? It sure feels like Friday. Usually I only ramble on like this on Fridays. :)

Dang. It's not Friday. Back to work.

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